About Trample.us

Here are some reasons to join!

Hello and welcome to the new Trample.us! Here you'll find one of the widest and most varied collections of foot and smother related fetish on the net. High Heel Trample-Barefoot Trample-Shoe Worship-Foot Worship- Smother-Facesitting- Ass Worship it's all here, and it's all been recaptured and redigitized in order to give you the best viewing experience possible. You'll have access to hundreds of clips that cover all aspects of foot and ass related femdom, with many more to be added each and every month. In preperation for the launch, we have taken the digital masters and recaptured them to make them MUCH larger, MUCH clearer and longer than ever before. If you are an old fan of Trample.us, prepare for a totally new fetish experience!


The new Trample.us is unlike any member area you have seen before so we're happy to explain it to you. Here's the way it works - there IS no member area for Trample.us! Everyone can see what we have to offer at any time - you don't have to guess what is behind the curtain before you decide to become a member, it's all outside for everyone to get an exact idea. The difference is, when you become a monthly recurring member for Trample.us you get DOUBLE the value of what typical clips would cost. For example, our $19.87 monthly subscription cost allows you to download $40 worth of clips every month. And unlike normal memberships, you NEVER lose this credit. Back in 2000 we had over 10,000 members and we learned that there are a LOT of different tastes when it comes to fetish videos. Some guys liked only trampling and some guys liked only facesitting or foot worship. Some guys loved watching girls stomping and crushing their slaves underfoot and some preferred watching them smother them into submission undet their gorgeous asses. Some guys enjoyed the sight of painted toes and wrinkled soles being adored by a slavish male tongue. Obviously, it was impossible to satisfy everyone at the same time so if you were a paying member and the updates that month did not fit your taste, you kind of just wasted your money. We wanted to avoid that this time around, so instead of a one-site fits all mentality we let you choose from our huge selection based on YOUR desires. If you don't see anything next month that you like, you can store up your $40 credit and use it next month after we've added even more videos. OR...and here is where we are REALLY different...

Trample.us is more than just one website - we have a collection of exclusive videos that goes back 20+ years - even back to the days when you had to order VHS tapes online and have them shipped to your home at $50 a movie. Those were the days! So as you might expect, your membership will allow you to head to any of these sites and download clips from those as well, if you would like. But that isn't the really juicy part of being a member of Trample.us - we plan to revolutionize the fetish world by allowing your membership to select clips from OTHER fetish sites that we are partnering with. Right now we only have a few partners in the network, but we have agreements with others and they are working to bring their content online with ours. Current sites in the network include:

With more coming online next month and they will keep on growing, we guarantee it. There has never been a better way to satisfy your fetish for seeing beautiful women trample and use a male as their personal carpet. Or even another woman if that's what you like - we have plenty of that as well. Come join us today and become a part of the revolution. You'll be glad you did!